Rules and Regulations – 2016

The event is a team race of 180 kms Thane – Tembha Village (Vaitarna) – Thane


1.1 Minimum age of participation is 18 years on the day the race starts.

1.1.1. Exceptions to this rule are subject to approval by the Management Team

1.1.2. Applications for exception will only be considered when the following conditions are met: The applicant under the age of 18 must be accompanied throughout the race by an adult race partner A parental consent addendum waiver is completed and signed The adult race partner must be a family member or be authorized as the guardian and have completed one or more similar races


1.2 Each team will comprise of 6 riders

1.2.1 since this is an event with an emphasis on amateur participation, each participating team can have a maximum of only three riders who have taken part or competed in the following cycling events BRM 300 and above, CFI events, UCI events and events of similar standard ( As determined by organizing committee)

1.2.2 For scrutiny purpose teams have to post the names of their team

members in the Facebook Veloraid 2016 event page and keep it for at least 7 days Participating teams or its members (only) can raise objections if team members selected don’t fit the criteria. If no objections are raised then the team is okay to participate Team can make changes accordingly to satisfy the criteria of participation as stated in 1.1 and 1.2 All teams will have to follow 1.2.2

1.2.3 Changes can be made to original team composition till 7 days prior the event and the new team composition will have to be posted on event page for scrutiny. The replacement rider should meet the participation criteria. Objections can be raised only before the event not during. In case of last minute dropouts from team, changes can be made 24 hours prior event flag off time. In such cases team composition has to be posted on event page. In case of any objections the rider will not be allowed to ride and objections can be raised during the conduct of event too


1.3 Participants must be in good health

1.3.1 It is the participant’s responsibility to determine if they are fit enough to safely participate

1.3.2 Veloraid is an event with risks and participants are responsible for their own safety, agreeing to pay for all costs associated with rescue, medical care, or emergency transportation

We hope to create a Pan India circuit of such events with the objective of providing a similar platform for more cyclists


2.1 All kinds of human powered cycles (except ebikes and power assist cycles ) can be used.

2.2 Bikes must be race-ready at the start of each stage, and during the event

2.3 To give all teams a fair chance, a maximum of 3 cycles will be allowed with tire width of 31mm or less


3.1 A participant not wearing a helmet at any stage of the race will be disqualified

3.2 All helmets must comply with international safety standards

3.3 Appropriate riding attire, including jersey provided by organizers must be worn at all times

3.4 Eye protection is strongly recommended

3.5 Fully enclosed footwear is recommended.

3.6  No  headphones  or  other  audio  devices  will  be  allowed  to  be  used  during the  race.  This is for safety reasons

3.7 The Veloraid branding and sponsors logos will not be obscured by stickers and slogans   anytime during the course of the event


4.1 The start time of the race is 0600Hrs

4.2 All teams have to report at start venue before 0515 Hrs.

4.2.1 All team captains to report for briefing at 0530hrs

4.3 Irrespective of the fact whether all teams are present or not the race will be flagged off at the said start time.

4.4 Teams starting late will also have their start time same as the above start time. They will start only after completion of all pre-race formalities.

4.5 The cut-off time for late arrivals is 0615 Hrs.

4.6 Teams will not be allowed to start without a race official’s permission.

4.7 All teams will start with 6 riders

4.7.1 A team not starting with 6 riders will attract a penalty of +30 mins

4.7.2 A team dropping off a rider before the 25 km mark will attract a penalty of +30 mins (if reasons are found to be non-satisfactory by race-director)


5.1 All the team members have to ride together.

5.1.1 The separation distance between the last and first rider of a team should be less then 50 mtrs at all times

5.1.2 If all team members are not together at all times and scattered the race marshal at his discretion will issue a warning to the team to group up.

5.1.3 If after two warnings the status is same then a time penalty of +5 mins will be levied by the race marshal.

5.1.4 The race marshal’s decision is final and binding in this matter.

5.2 Race marshals have been empowered to show warning cards to participants for acts which go against the spirit of the event.

5.3 All teams and team members are expected to participate in this race without resorting to any unfair means e.g.: drafting, making use of motorized transport towing etc.

5.3.1 The race marshal’s decision will be final in such matters and any team found to be committing such acts will be disqualified.

5.4 A participant found to be behaving in a way which is unsafe for him/her others will be warned.

5.4.1 After 2 such warnings he/she may be disqualified and will not be allowed to take any further part in the event.

5.4. The participant will have to arrange for his/her own transportation in such cases.


6,1   At the completion of the halfway distance and at the finish point the timing of the last finisher of each team will be taken


6.2 Teams are allowed to drop off one participant out of 6 during the course of the event.

6.2.1 In case one participant gets dropped off, that person will be out of the race and cannot re-enter the race at later stage

6.2.2 When a team drops off a rider the same should be informed to the race marshal who will record it

6.2.3 If information not given, then the team can be penalized with penalty time

6.2.4 Teams having less than 5 riders on the road at any particular point of time will be considered to be out of the race and will lead to automatic disqualification of that team. Such Teams who are out of race or disqualified  and wishes to still ride will have to follow all  rules and be within separation distance of 50 mts. Strict action will be taken on teams and participants who don’t follow this rule, which can include ban on  participation in future events conducted by the organizing committee


6.3 To encourage more ladies to take part in this race: each team having one or more lady  riders will be given an  incentive of -10 mins, Which will be added to the total team time (provided that one of the lady riders have finished the entire distance)

6.3.1 If an all women team is taking part in the event then that team will get (-20min) advantage.

6.3.2 A team finishing with all six riders without dropping its weakest will get a time   benefit of -10 mins. The timing of the 6th rider will be considered.

6.3.3 A team finishing with a member or members, above 60 years of age will get a benefit of

-10 mins


6.4 After approx 90 kms from the start line, first leg of the race ends.

6.4.1 1145 Hrs -1245 Hrs is the scheduled break with lunch.

6.4.2 Flag-off at this point, and start of second leg, is scheduled at 1300Hrs

6.4.3 Any team reaching after 1145 Hrs will be treated as being out of the race. Such teams can ride back in the available transportation

6.4.4 Teams not present at flag off of 2nd leg will be considered to be out of the race.


6.6 The race will end at 1830Hrs.

6.6.1   If, for some unforeseen reasons, the race cannot be continued due to safety concerns then the race director will take a decision and it will be conveyed to all team captains.

6.6.2 No arguments will be entertained in this case, as decisions have been taken considering the wellbeing of participants.


7.1 Veloraid  will  not  have  exclusive  use  of  any  public  roads paths  or  trails during  the  event

7.1.1  All  regular  traffic  regulations  must  be  observed  at  all  times  during  the  race, unless   a  route marshal   directs  racers  otherwise

7.1.2 I  Instructions  of  marshals  and  local  authorities  must  be  strictly  followed

7.2 Participants  who  do  not  obey  the  traffic  regulations  or  who  endanger  others will    be  warned  and  following  a  second  offence  will  be  given a  time  penalty  of 10 mins to his team

7.3   All teams while riding will stay in the safety zone i.e. within the breadth of the team car

7.4 Please follow all instructions given by the race marshals respectfully, all those are for your wellbeing and safety.


8.1 It is the responsibility of the team captains to ensure the team has been checked in and time noted

8.2 No riding will be allowed after checkpoint


9.1 No  littering  or  unnecessary  damage  to  the  environment  will  be  tolerated. Any   offence will lead to time penalties or disqualification


10.1 Each team will have a dedicated support car and will ride in front of the car and within the breadth of the car

10.1.1 Each support car will have a driver, Race marshal, hydration, nutrition and first aid supplies


10.2 Support staf , spare cycles and Spare wheels will not be allowed for the teams.

10.2.1 There is no official Technical support.The teams have to manage on their own

10.2.2 Personal support cars or personals (in official car) will not be allowed. Teams having personal support cars along the route of the event will be automatically disqualified and no arguments will be entertained


10.3 All bags, mobile phones, spare items, tool kits can be carried in the support vehicle but organizers or race marshals will not responsible for them. Responsibility for these lies entirely with its owners


10.4 Each team will be given a limited amount of water (which will be sufficient for the entire race) please use only for drinking.


The race director will have the final say in all matters related to the race and his decision will be final.

Where  any  additional  rule  interpretation  are required,  or  where  specific  provision  for  any  incident  has  not  been  made  in  the above  rules,  the  decision  of  the  Race Director  will  be  final.

Decisions  relatively  outside  the  scope  of  Race will  be  decided on  by  the  organizing committee



Organising Committee