Mehul Nandu, Team Vagad Cyclists

Age: 32


Cycling since 2010, Reason – As my Cricket season was only 3 months I had no other physical Activity for the rest of the year and was eager to go outdoors, hence started cycling.

Can’t point a Single experience as most of my cycling have been Solo as I push myself to go higher and longer on most of my rides. Have done many 100 kms + rides in the last 7 years & have been instrumental in setting up our Vagad Cycling Group. Been instrumental to motivate more than 50 people to take up active cycling in my Community and still do it everyday.

It has helped me be calm other than the health benefits & new friends i have made through cycling.

Have also cycled extensively in Europe during my trips.

My aim is to get maximum people take up cycling for health benefits and also Cycle to Work few days in a week, where the home – office distance is less than 5 kms for a start

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