Anurag Sangal, Team Chaingang

Age: 50

City: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Cycling since last 8 years 11000 KM covered on saddle since then.

I don’t remember after collage if was involve in any physical activity till the age of 42. I was upset with my figure as it was completely out of bound but did nothing more than dreaming for a better physique. The first alarm came from my doctor at the age of 42 when I had a little discomfort in my heart and report said all health parameter are at the boundary line and if nothing done quickly everything will be in red zone.

I took this as a challenge and reviewed what I can do with ease as I never gone to gym or was not very active in outdoor sports. I found when I was kid I used to cycle a lot. So I decided to do it again. In the first year itself I saw drastic reduction in my weight from 92 kg to 81 kg. I started feeling more energetic and positive all the time. All health parameter started falling in line. But off course cycling was mainly for fitness and I was a solo rider of short distance max 20 km for about 6 year.

I was impressed by various cycling group dresses in skin tight outfits, helmets on, swanky bikes fitted with all safety gadgets’ thought of joining them but was not confident if I can match my pace with them. It took me 6 years to make up my mind to join a group called ECC. This was the turning point of my cycling regime. I met with some very good riders in the group and they encouraged me to push myself for better speed and long distance. Within one year of joining the group. I raised my speed from mere 17 Km/Hour to 29 Km/Hour with same cycle (Thanks to Inderjit Singh Khamba) and did two 200 Km BRM and one 300 KM BRM successfully.

Cycling definitely has changed my life while I used to spent my weekends in noisy party with alcohol and junk foods. Now weekend program is always being answered in terms of kilometre and route. Cycling gave lot of new friends, I visited lot of beautiful places with these friends and always spent my leisure time discussing about better health and better workouts.

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